Copyright in Ukraine

Objects of copyright are works in science, literature and art, namely:

  • literary writings;
  • speeches, lectures, sermons and other oral works;
  • computer programs;
  • databases;
  • musical works with or without text;
  • dramatic, musical and dramatic works, pantomimes, choreographic and other works created for the stage show, and performances;
  • audiovisual works;
  • works of art: sculpture, painting, drawing, engraving, lithography, products of artistic design;
  • works of architecture, urban planning and landscape art;
  • photographic works;
  • works of folk art including works of decorative weaving, ceramics, carving, casting glass art, jewelry;
  • illustrations, maps, plans, drawings, sketches and other works relating to geography, geology, topography, engineering, architecture (drawings, sketches, models, parks, settlements plans);
  • stage treatment of works, treatment of folklore;
    • derivative works that are creative processing of existing works without harming their protection, for example, abstract, adaptation;
  • collections of works of folklore, encyclopedias and anthologies, collections of regular data;
  • texts of translations for dubbing, voicing;
  • other works.

The emergence and implementation of the rights of authors do not require to comply with any formalities. The copyright owner at any time within the term of copyright protection can record it in the official state register and obtain a certificate of authorship.

Copyright in Ukraine is valid for the entire life of an author and 70 years after his/her death.

The right to a name and the right to oppose the distortion of work, or any other encroachment on the work that may harm the honor and reputation of an author are protected by copyright law permanently.

A work can be used by third parties only with the permission of a copyright holder.

For copyright registration it is necessary to prepare a set of application materials, including: a statement, a copy of a work, a document that evidences the fact and the date of making the work public (if applicable), a document confirming payment of fee for the preparation of copyright registration, a document confirming payment of the fee for registration and issuance of certificate (after obtaining by the author a written decision on the registration of copyright), power of attorney if the application is submitted by an attorney.

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